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World Kidney Day: 14th March 2019 | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
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World Kidney Day: 14th March 2019

Kidney disorders have affected people across the world and left many families torn. We at Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, took it on ourselves to create awareness about Kidney care & cure. We ran a 5-day awareness campaign culminating on World Kidney Day, 14th March. Here’s how each day unfolded.

10th March 2019 – Sunday Conversation with Dr. Salil Jain.

Dr. Salil Jain one of the city’s most respected nephrologists introduced the audience to common kidney disorders. He later took queries from the audience and addressed them.

11th March 2019 – Facebook Live session with Dr. Vishal Saxena.

In this facebook live session, Dr Vishal Saxena (Additional director – Dept. of Nephrology and Renal Transplant) debunked the myths around Kidney disorders. He also spoke extensively on natural ways to prevent the occurrence of the disorder.

12th March 2019 – Grand Round -Intra Departmental exchange of Knowledge.

Senior Nephrologists at Fortis, Gurugram shared startling insights on cutting-edge technology and best medical practices in treatment of acute kidney disorder and surgical transplant.

13th March 2019 – Interactive session with Dr. Radhika for Dialysis patients.

Dialysis physician from Nephrology team shared gems of wisdom for dialysis patients for combating kidney disorder and how to eat healthy to boost immunity. There was a short session on nurturing mental health too.

14th March 2019 – Sankalp-the Fortis dialysis & kidney transplant support group convened a meeting.

Chief guests Mr. Amit Khatri (DC, Gurugram), Dr. B K Rajoura (CMO) and Dr. Sanjay Narula (CMO) were present in the program that raised awareness and inspired people to step forward and show support for kidney patients.