Workshop conducted by Mamma Mia

This winter season, Mamma Mia organized a complimentary session for the expectant couples on 6th January 2018. The theme of the session was ‘ Warm the Winter For Your Baby’ and had talks by the Neonatologist, Dr. T. J Anthony and the Childbirth Educator, Dr. Shilpi Srivastava (PT). Sharing practical tips on Baby Care during winters like optimal baby clothing, skin care for the newborn , flu vaccinations and ideal room temperature, the session was well appreciated and was attended by 6 expectant mothers.

To acquaint the expectant couples with pregnancy as a life stage, an ‘ Early Pregnancy Workshop’ was conducted on 20th January 2018. The session elaborated on pregnancy signs and symptoms, myths and facts, posture and exercise related do’s and don’ts along with some natural remedies to common pregnancy discomforts. We had 8 attendees for the session.