Dental Sciences


The Department of Dental Sciences boasts of a rich team of dental care specialists and dental surgeons who are exceptionally talented, committed, enthusiastic, encouraging, and trained from some of the best institutions across the country. The division of dental surgery provides routine and specialised diagnostic procedures and treatments like Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and advanced conservative treatment, orthodontics, periodontics, dental implants, paedodontics, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and restorative dentistry.

Our goal remains to fulfil our patient’s expectations and dreams of having a healthy, beautiful smile; and we deliver results by providing, comprehensive, exceptional, personalised care. Our comprehensive care programme is based on a super speciality mechanism to deliver wholesome dental services. This is backed by our motto of collective decision making and transparency to offer best-in-class dental treatments.

The Department emanates clinical excellence and has state-of-the-art technology coupled with the most modern equipment and materials which make dental treatment safe, simple and efficient. In addition, our transparent functioning, unmatched cleanliness, nurturing environment along with a courteous staff ensures best possible dental care for our patients.

Our technology virtuosity is supreme and determines the best outcomes from our activities. Our facilities include

  • State-of-the-Art Anthos Fibre Optic fully computerised Dental Units with anti-retraction valves and disinfection cycles to prevent cross infection
  • Specialised Paediatric Dental Chair for great comfort to kids in a soothing environment
  • Full range of Digitalised Diagnostics, X-ray equipment like OPG, RVG & Intra Oral Camera to facilitate panoramic view of the oral cavity and support a focused treatment plan
  • Electro-surgery Unit & Ultrasonic Scaler used to improvise quality of service
  • Dedicated sterilisation unit with autoclaves, ultrasonic cleansers for unmatched safety
  • CAD-CAM used for crowns and bridges to provide precision and long term solution

We also provide inpatient consultations for myriad conditions that have dental implications, such as bone marrow, heart valve surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immune-compromised patients.