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Hats off Fortis Gurgaon, its cardio thoracic surgery team headed by Dr Udgeath Dhir. | Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Health Tips and Testimonials

Hats off Fortis Gurgaon, its cardio thoracic surgery team headed by Dr Udgeath Dhir.

I was suffering from congenital mitral valve prolapse since the last 6 months heart beat was erratic with frequent palpitation though it did not project any serious complication initially. In time I started for locating the right valve repair/replacement doctor. Visited other hospitals across the country as well . This being not as simple as other coronary surgeries. Finally we approached Dr. Udgeath Dhir in Fortis Gurgaon who is a world renowned Mitral Valve repair expert.

Appointments, investigations were done in a very cordial manner well explaining the purpose. On 17th January I was admitted for Angiography and since there were no Coronary Artery blockage, I was booked for surgery on 18th January.

After I was awake from the influence of anaesthesia the first face, I saw was that of Dr. Dhir telling me I will get well soon” as well as the repair was successful.

I must mention that the group of doctors assisting him and who were continuously monitoring me in my post operation recovery in ICU then in individual cabin. They visited numerous times in a day. Any small discomfort was addressed professionally and instantly.

Only thing I can tell is Dr. Dhir’s team is high on professional calibre with a touch of humanity.

In the present day scenario of growing mistrust b/n patients and private hospitals managements Fortis Gurgaon is really a worth mentioning exception.

I was released on 24th with a new lease on life. Not to mention I also got a refund of a good amount of money on contracted Package. Hats off Fortis Gurgaon, its cardio thoracic surgery team headed by Dr. Udgeath Dhir.

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS)
Tuesday, 29 January 2019