Overview - Nursing

In any healthcare organization, the Nursing Department constitutes the largest single group of employees – approximately 55%, and since it is the mainstay of the organization from the standpoint of supporting patient care, we focus on “caring” rather than “curing”, as every disease may not be cured but caring is possible.

We encourage continuous healing relationships in a variety of settings, based upon the needs and values of the patient care by giving effective, safe, efficient, evidence based, and coordinated care to suit the unique needs of each patient and by promoting good public relations. Though dependant on all other departments of the institute, it serves as a focal point for much of the administrative co-ordination required between departments.

We have a dedicated team of nurses who care with compassion. Extensive training, process of privileging, speciality nurses, seamless processes and above all a pleasant environment ensures high quality patient-and family-centered care.

All of this with best in class infrastructure enhances patient experience as never before.

The Nursing department of FMRI has built up its “Standards of Care” to serve the ever changing & growing needs of the patients.

Fortis Nursing Mission Statement:

Fortis Nursing Mission Statement: To offer a patient-centric, distinctive health care environment where patients and their caregivers are treated with compassion and respect while providing safe, evidence-based nursing services.

Fortis Nursing Values:

  • Patient Centricity: Treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care, and understanding in all nursing tasks and duties.
  • Ownership: Be responsible and take pride in all actions.
  • Integrity: Demonstrate moral courage to speak up, be honest, principled and always do the right things.
  • Innovation: Continuously improve and strive to exceed expectations.
  • Teamwork: Respect, value and proactively support all co-workers and operate as one team.