Overview - Non-medical Staff

Non-medical staff at Fortis Memorial Research Institute plays a vital role in healthcare access for patients by providing the required support round the clock. From our dietetics staff to accountants, these professionals assure that everything is set to deliver highest standards of patient care in a supportive environment.

Our Non-medical departments range from cafeteria, gift shop and switchboard personnel to patient escorts and social workers, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, physical plant, information technology, human resources/recruiting, risk managers and laundry personnel.

It is the commitment of our non-medical staff members which keeps us running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At FMRI, we are highly commitment to all-inclusive development of the non-medical staff by providing growth-oriented environment in all aspects. As they have to work under tight deadlines, we ensure best-in-class technological support to keep things under control.