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I would like to put forward my appreciation for Doctor Salil Jain. Also, do pass on my gratitude for his team

Hi team

Consulted for mother's Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) condition and treatment.

Initially, I visited another doctor who is also a renowned Nephrologist functioning from one of the well-known hospitals in Gurgaon, however with great disappointment in every visit and no recovery or confidence I moved to Doctor Jain's guidance in Fortis Gurgaon. On the very first meeting, he pointed out things that could have been recommended differently. Once we started following Dr. Jain's treatment, within the first 15 days I saw an amazing improvement in my mother's state and reports. In fact, his recommendation for hospitalization was clearly not with the focus of business as there were alternates tried first. Dr. Jain is not only an amazing and honest doctor he is an amazing person too. In a rushed hour where patients are overflowing the waiting area, he makes sure his patients are attended thoroughly and with complete kindness. Sitting me down and explaining the existing problem and how it will be recovered. what needs to be done and how these recommendations are going to impact the expected change – not everybody at his stand does this (and trust me I have visited loads many across states in India). Following everything to the T, today (touch wood) my mother is absolutely in perfect condition both health-wise and reports state the same.  I will continue to follow his instructions for ma and I will also make sure to recommend him to everyone I know. 

--Best Wishes

Nephrology & Renal Transplant
Tuesday, 30 July 2019