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#SuperStartersInc : The Healthcare Start-up Challenge by Fortis


All of us have ideas. And some of us have fantastic ideas that can, actually, make life simpler! Being an entrepreneur is not just a fad, it’s a much-coveted way of life. However, it requires a lot of perseverance and courage to take the leap. We see some brilliant ideas being launched as start-ups. While some are successful, several do not take off. Many of these ideas never taste success only because they don’t get the right inputs – on market knowledge, product viability or creating a balanced business model.

We are pleased to launch Super Starters Inc. – the Healthcare Start-up Challenge by Fortis. Bright minds with path breaking ideas that can revolutionise healthcare, will get a platform and seamless access to clinicians, patients, data, infrastructure and a hospital ecosystem which will refine their work and accelerate them to the next big league! This will give them the opportunity to learn, interact with people on both sides (caregivers and patients), get unsurpassed exposure and valuable feedback, good networking opportunities and most importantly, the chance to refine their products/services. Fortis will become their ‘real life experimental lab’.

Do you think you have it in you? Because if you do, we invite you to participate in a first-of-its-kind challenge where the brightest ideas will get the perfect launch pad. As not just a responsible player in the healthcare industry but also a thought leader, it is Fortis’s endeavour to elevate the level of healthcare being offered to people. And therefore, we look forward to collaborating with like-minded people such as yourself to create a platform that is aspirational and will become a springboard for many bright and viable ideas!

With esteemed members on the judging panel, three chosen winners will get, access to clinicians, infrastructure, technology, data and a chance to be in the middle of all the action. And an endorsement by this jury will ensure that the winners get the investment they require.


  • Opportunity : To showcase your talent, meet and woo venture capitalists/private equity investors
  • Credibility : With the backing of a huge organisation like Fortis
  • Trust : Instant entry into the mindset of the masses
  • Authority : The by-product of working with the industry’s thought leaders
  • Confidence : That you remain the master of your idea


The Chance of a Lifetime!

So you think you have it in you? Well, give us an insight into your what makes you and your idea tick… and let’s get this party started!!

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