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Growth Opportunities-Nursing | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
0124 4962200

Growth Opportunities-Nursing


  • Make FMRI the “employer of choice” for nurses
  • Enhance level of clinical care provided by nurses through a comprehensive and continuous development learning program

Key Nursing Initiatives at FMRI

We are continuously working to keep up the excellence in nursing at FMRI. Few key initiatives to maintain our legacy is enlisted

Career Ladder Pathway:

At FMRI each nurse has a customised carrier pathway based on individual’s area of interest. We provide apt coaching to help them nurture their aspirations & build efficient nursing professionals for the future.

Specialty Training Programs:

We create nurses with high clinical competence through specialty training programs in various fields.

Specialty Nurses:

Specialty nurse is an expert in specific clinical specialty providing advanced nursing care. She is a source of guidance for unit nurses in their practice & liaises with physicians to ensure high quality care.

Nursing Committees:

FMRI Nursing manages its affairs based on shared decision model through various committees viz, Nursing Professional Practice Committee, Nursing Quality Improvement Committee & Nursing Education & Research Committee.

Continuing Nursing Education:

It is not the Quantity of care but the Quality of Nursing care we focus upon .This explains the reason for our giant leap in training of Clinical Nurse Specialists for all the centres of excellence, to maintain an emphasis on Continuous Nursing Training and Skill development through best in class simulation lab.

At FMRI, learning and applying new knowledge is an everyday activity. We are committed to providing the resources & training needed to make the most of career as a nurse through internal & external conferences, certification programs, in-service education to take nurses to the next level.

Nursing Research

Research is an integral part of nursing – it shapes the care we provide and creates better ways to do what we do. At FMRI nurses participate in well planned research under the aegis of a team of post graduate nurses.

Nursing Hostel

Best in class hostel facility is provided with various amenities, free accommodation & transportation to cater to the needs of 500 Inmates within the premises.