Fortis, Gurgaon deploys Milagrow Robots

Fortis, Gurgaon deploys Milagrow Robots for contactless disinfection & sanitization process

Gurugram, 24th April 2020: Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) deployed Milagrow Robots in order to sanitize and disinfect hospital premises without any human intervention. The ‘Indoor Disinfection Robot’ is an innovative solution to enhance patient care and bring down human interference. Consequently, it will lower any chance of contracting infection by the patient, medical and support staff at sensitive areas within the hospital. 


Hospitals and medical staff across the country are making all efforts to manage and treat patients safely. Doctors, nurses, healthcare and sanitary workers are most vulnerable in this situation to infections. Indoor Disinfection Robots are those that can navigate, disinfect and sanitize the floors without any human intervention. This robotic system has a variety of disinfectants, an efficient ultraviolet disinfection ability and a number of benefits which include micron-level atomization, no water droplet condensation, live mapping, intelligent obstacle avoidance, 360° view which ensures no dead angles, ultra-dry atomized disinfectant, fast diffusion and high sterilization rate. One robot can cover 1000 cubic ft in 13 minutes.