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| Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Paediatric Surgery

Surgery In Newborn: One Giant Leap For Mankind

by Dr. Arvind Sabharwal on Dec 01, 2016

Medical science has been constantly evolving over the last century. Every day we hear about new innovations, latest techniques and technological advances coming to the aid of curing the sick. From lasers to robots, we have come a long way in improving health care facilities across the globe. But there is one field of medical science which boasts of remarkable progress in terms of the outcomes it has achieved in the last few decades.

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Paediatric Surgery

Urinary Tract Infection In Children: Pus Cells in Urine - Normal Range

by Dr. Anand Sinha on Dec 01, 2016

The urinary tract consists of the organs in our body that produce, store, and evacuate urine. Urine is produced in the kidneys and travels down to the bladder through the thin tubular structures called ureters. The bladder stores the urine until it is emptied through the urethra, a tube that links the bladder to the skin, from where we urinate. Read further to know more about Urinary Tract Infection In Children and the normal range of Pus Cells in Urine for children

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