Ques: I am a 32 year old girl, married for 5 years and unable to conceive. I have PCOD and my periods are irregular. My weight is 105 kg and my Gynaecologist says that I must lose weight if I want to conceive. I have tried multiple diets and joined gyms many times. I lose weight temporarily but regain weight as soon as I stop the diet/exercise. What do you recommend for me?

Ans: PCOD and obesity are a vicious cycle and weight loss is imperative to break it. There is a very good chance that if you lose about 30 kg, you will be able to conceive naturally. A young lady like you will do extremely well with a Singleincision Sleeve Gastrectomy. The whole procedure is done through a small cut deep within the navel and is practically scar-less. The pain levels are much lower as compared to conventional 5 cuts in Laparoscopic Surgery. This way, you will be able to lose about 75% of your excess weight over a year and a half. PCOD is often cured by weight loss and many of my patients have had babies within 2 years of surgery.

Ques: I am 44 year old and have been suffering from Diabetes and high Blood Pressure for the last 8 years. My weight is 123 kg. I was taking oral Hypoglycaemics till about 6 months back. My Diabetologist has now added 40 units of insulin every day to my treatment regime. Can Gastric Bypass Surgery help cure my Diabetes? I have recently read a news article saying that Diabetes can come back even after surgery. Please clarify.

Ans: At 123 kg, you definitely need to lose weight. Gastric Bypass Surgery will help you to lose weight as well as decrease your disease burden. We need to carry out certain tests to assess the status of your pancreas. If the pancreatic function is good, there is a favourable chance that Diabetes will go into remission in your case. Even if pancreatic function is compromised, the surgery will definitely take you off insulin and you may need to continue with oral medications. Proper selection of patients is extremely important for good results. Obese patients with less than 10 years history of Diabetes and C-peptide levels of more than 3 suggests good pancreatic reserve and stand to reap the greatest benefits from Bariatric Surgery.