Dr Vivek Vij

Dr Vivek Vij, director LTP and GI surgery

You always wanted to be a surgeon?? He smiles…

There was sparkle in his eyes as soon as he heard this, like a student who was appearing for an exam and was asked his favorite question, the one he had revised so well that there was no way he wouldn't score a 100

"The scope of surgery starts where the scope of the physician ends".. says Dr Vivek Vij, Additional Director LTP and GI surgery. "Whosoever ever wants to be a surgeon, is very clear and sure about what they want in life." he adds.

Being in the OT gives him an adrenaline rush. Wow!! Now that's something… The picture that comes in our head when we think of OT is a room with no windows, no sunlight, one bed, a few thousand steel equipments and blood!! How can this excite anybody?? Well.. he says it can, especially when the focus is your patient's wellbeing and recovery. "There are only a few who are fortunate to have been given the responsibility of saving lives and I feel lucky to be one of them". The passion for his job is evident in his voice.

He also admits that he never wanted to be a transplant surgeon because he had seen some scandalous cases during his college days and doctors going to jail. But God had his own plans and they say whatever we run from is what we get. And guess what?? In 1994 an astrologer told him that he will be a liver doctor. Fascinating isn't it??

Liver transplants are the longest surgeries ever. Don't you get tired standing in the OT for such long hours?? We asked.. "Surgery is like meditation. When in surgery I forget everything else. Sitting in the OPD is more trying than hours spent in the OT, if the outcomes are good of course"

…….and we didn't ask him anymore questions on surgery.. The love is too deep to be expressed in words..