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Dr. Sanjay Gogoi

The Super Surgeon

He was six years old and was travelling with his father in a train from Dehradun to Delhi when the latch of their bogie got stuck. And as always that day too he had a screw driver in his pocket that came handy and rescued the duo. He calls himself “A Fixer”, our Director and HOD - Urology and Kidney Transplant, Dr Sanjay Gogoi. We all know what a brilliant surgeon he is with numerous complex and rare surgeries to his name but very few know that apart from being passionate about his work, he has exceptional engineering and mechanical skills.

In 1970 when he was in medical college, he made a morse code circuit. Imagine that!! The project won first prize and with that “electronics” became his first love. He was also a member of the HAM society (Amateur Radio Society of India) and made transmitters that caught frequencies of news broadcasts from all across the world. Guess what is his favourite part of buying a new electronic item?? To open it up and explore the insides as soon as the warranty period is over!!!

When asked if his passion has ever landed him in trouble, he recalls dismantling his mother- in- laws alarm clock which went from not working to making a very loud and annoying noise. We dint ask him what happened next.

There are two projects that he is currently working on when he gets time from his busy OT and OPD schedule. One is an ardeno (small computer) enabled water sprinkler that would sprinkle water to plants and the lawn with just one click. And the other one is a pet food dispenser with a webcam that would automatically dispense food via SMS. WOW! Now isn’t that amazing. Guys we have a genius – Einstein amongst us and now we all know who that is.