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| Page 5 | Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Young Hearts at risk: an alarming trend!

by Fortis Gurugram on Dec 01, 2016

The text I read in early medical school the data in most standard textbooks the traditional wisdom I heard all pointed to a fact that cardiac disease is a disease of elderly however unfortunately in my cardiac practice I was not just shocked but left aghast by seeing young patients with cardiac arrest. Unfortunately my colleagues and worldwide many of the latest publications also show this alarming trend of rising young cardiac problems.

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Minimal Access Bariatric & GI Surgery

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery For Gall Baldder Stones

by Dr. Ajay Kumar Kriplani on Dec 01, 2016

A tall, slim and fair girl entered my OPD and I must say that I was impressed by her appearance. "She must be into modelling or a budding heroine" I thought. She informed that she was indeed a model and was suffering from gall bladder stones which were detected by ultrasound examination after severe pain in upper abdomen followed by vomiting.

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Paediatric Neurology

Delayed Speech: Can it be autism?

by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain on Nov 29, 2016

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behaviour. Males are four times more likely to have an ASD than females. A recent study in US found 1 in 68 children suffering from autism.

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Paediatric Neurology

Botox Therapy In Cerebral Palsy - A Ray Of Hope

by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain on Nov 29, 2016

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which there may be abnormal brain development or injury to the brain as it develops. This can occur before, during, after birth or during early childhood when the brain is growing. Cerebral palsy in itself is not one specific disease and is an “umbrella term” which applies to a collection of conditions where there is primarily a disorder of voluntary movement and/or co-ordination.

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Postmenopausal Bleeding Or Spotting – Is It A Cause For Concern?

by Fortis Gurugram on Nov 29, 2016

Menopause is final cessation or stoppage of periods/menstruation for 1 year and usually happens in women in their late forties or early fifties(45-52 years of age). Any episode of vaginal bleeding after menopause is called postmenopausal bleeding (whether just spotting or heavy period like bleeding).

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Nephrology and Renal Transplant

Kidney Disease In Children – An Overview

by Dr. Salil Jain on Nov 15, 2016

Kidneys play an important role in maintaining the homeostasis in human beings. Few of its main functions are listed below:

  • Excretion of waste products like urea produced by our body by way of urine.
  • Maintaining blood pressure.
  • Maintaining appropriate haemoglobin level.
  • Maintaining bone strength.
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Urology and Renal Transplant

Let Not Uncontrolled Bladder Take Control of Your Life

by Fortis Gurugram on Nov 15, 2016

Do you sometimes loose control of urine before reaching the toilet? Or are you someone who indulges in ‘toilet-mapping” (looking out for a toilet in a public place before starting your errands). Or do you have to visit the loo several times in between a movie?

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Kidney Transplant

Pediatric Renal Transplantation

by Fortis Gurugram on Nov 15, 2016

In 2011, when Mr Mohsin, a Phd student from Iraq, was told that his one year-old baby has kidney failure, he could not believe his doctors. Very reluctantly, he agreed for his child to be placed on peritoneal dialysis- a technique in which a tube is placed in the abdominal cavity for regular dialysis.

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Nephrology and Renal Transplant

Chronic Kidney Disease: An Emerging Epidemic

by Fortis Gurugram on Nov 15, 2016

The current era of sedentary lifestyle is coupled with an exponential growth of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes Mellitus and high Blood Pressure, but very few people have heard of Chronic kidney disease as a public health menace. The numbers are simply frightening in 2005.

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