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Best Rolex Replica Watches With tabulation pour more Watches interested in the development of the brand

Eighth, Rolex . Many upstarts like it very much . In fact , a watch for different sectors of social cognition and welcome nor is it the fault of their own way . However , if the quality of movement and durable , reliable, replica watches online Rolex is undoubtedly the best, can simply pass on things as leaving children and grandchildren . Although almost never Rolex watch manufacturing complex functions , but it 's durable, accurate replica watches siwss travel time is notoriously , and has been used table market darling , excellent store of value .
Ninth, Earl . If the price is concerned , the count is definitely top 3 , but I do not see the reason for it is because watches of its high price mainly by the use of a large number of diamonds and precious stones , as well as operation of the market ( also better known as hype better ) caused . Earl they are not good at doing the movement , usually other family movement, but special efforts in housing design and selected materials , Scotia capital.
Tenth , Cartier . 10 years ago the only non- Swiss brand , although the record in France , but the factory was in Switzerland , and top with Swiss movement. Nothing more to say , Cartier was formerly Prince of Wales became " king of jewelers, jeweler of kings " to the royal jewels started by Mr. Louis Cartier in 1904 to his friend - . Franco- Brazilian giant mountain Santos . Dumont 's request to become the world's first most successful watch " Santos " (Santos), thus laying a Cartier watch watches today's world-famous brand position ...... 2004 Cartier to commemorate the " mountain Santos ' statement came the 100th anniversary of the issue of the " Santos 100" and " Santos - Dumont " ( slim ) gold / stainless steel wristwatch . Another inspiration was the First World War when the U.S. tank "tank " (Tank) there is another masterpiece Cartier - Pasha , reportedly from local leaders of the 1930s a Kingdom of Morocco , and his official title is " Pasha " in the North African Berber language meaning " governor " because he loves to swim, so he asked Cartier manufactured specifically for excellent watches performance in a waterproof watch , so " Pasha " will come out the price difference ...... Cartier is also great, the cheapest is the "tank " (Tank) stainless steel models , about 30,000 yuan ; hundreds of thousands , ranging expensive.
Eleventh , Chi Perot , GP. Swiss traditional brand , not only abide by the traditional quality, but also no shortage of innovation , the most classic of its "Ferrari" , combined with the excellent quality of the car and watch in one, a perfect combination. The price is not low , usually in the 50,000 yuan or more, but in the secondary market performance in general, and a larger spread . I 've seen a 18K gold men's watch, probably a bit old style , and sold RMB 8,000 yuan ! Oh !
Twelfth , without hesitation , comes to Athens (Ulysse Nardin). To be honest , I think this is really clever translation may come from Hong Kong people . The brand 's founder Ulysse Nardin27 year-old had his watchmaking workshop, but it has always been known for the production of nautical tables . Athens watch functional complex , varied styles known , the most classic one called "Genghis Khan three asked the table ," Whenever the time of trouble , similar to the relief of the dial Mongolia Knight ( perhaps it is the image of Genghis Khan ) will " horse riding " , vivid, very fine workmanship , reflects the Ulysse Nardin exquisite craftsmanship .
Thirteenth , Lange (A. Lange Soehn). Rare non-Swiss brand, which is typical of the eastern German products , and had a former East German dictatorship and disappeared , but once again rejuvenated after the reunification of Germany . Lange insisted only mechanical watch precious metals , making it both quality and price , according to high , generally more than 10 million , and domestic general store to buy anything.
Fourteenth , Zenith (Zenith). Swiss brand, known for complex accounting functions , the use of precious metals as a shell , belt form the majority , are more traditional watches, top quality.
Fifteenth , Chopin (Chopard), the Swiss brand, known for ladies diamond watch , especially the " Happy Diamonds " (Happy Diamond), My Fair Lady is a favorite . I humbly believe it is better than the actual wearing full jeweled Earl ...... Oh , and endured a plate child bricks !
Sixteenth , Panerai (Panerai). Italian brand , headquartered in Dover off Lunsar , the manufacturer was in Switzerland. Daytona professional diving watch , the water depth of 300 meters , has been to include the Italian Navy special forces of many countries , including the dive tables. In recent years just for the civilian market , the old military diving through the auction table and create a momentum , joining the famous Swiss luxury goods group Richemont (Richmont) is it a wise move. Panerai more conservative in appearance , with little change, but it emphasizes the waterproof and durable features, in addition to its head office to adjust watches the handle using a unique patented design, with a gooseneck retaining rod ring shank head cover to prevent water infiltration resulting in excessive pressure from the crown of the watch movements , is indeed very unique , iconic design is Panerai .
Seventeenth , Mercier (Baume & Mercier). Swiss brand , Confucianism and elegant known for its Hampton (Hampton) series and the Riviera (Riviera) series are classic styles, ranging in price is generally a few million to more than a dozen , several hundred thousand dollars . As a result of this limited number of watches , precious ; secondly, it embodies the unique personality style and technique , very collectible .
A Frank Muller (Franck Mueller - FM)... Speculation in recent years, the most popular brand personality , everything from the unique personality of the master design , production. Exaggerated, elongated barrel-shaped shell and various colors of watches crocodile leather strap is a sign of its design , and its "crazy time (Crazy Hours)" The unique design of the series is to create a watch design precedent. On the "crazy time" dial, continues the tradition for centuries 1-12 points timescale was completely disrupted , watch the pointer to jump way when the time. This seemingly crazy dial master Superman actually embodies wisdom and advanced design concepts , full of superhuman intelligence. Premier League "Red Devils" Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney popular birthday last year when I received a birthday gift to send his girlfriend - A piece worth £ 15,000 Frank Muller watch.
2 Parmigiani (Parmigiani Fleuier - PF). The master said that originally Patek Philippe 's famous designer , and later under the name of Patek Philippe began manufacturing its own brand of watch. Parmigiani also use more barrel-shaped shell , but some of its rectangular shape is more biased , and whether or dial shell edges are made of carved style approach , technology is superb . It uses the movement is impeccable , the quality is absolutely first class And multi-use precious metals production, so expensive, even more expensive than the general Patek Philippe , and many are limited production .
3 Haojue . (Roger Dubuis - RD). To grow precious metal complex function movement known watch. Has been scarce , the focus of the auction . The same high price staggering .
4 Genta . (Gerald Genta - GG). Mention the brand may not be familiar with many people , and if the master of the 1970s referred to as Audemars Piguet (Audermars Piquet) designed the " Royal Oak (Royal Oak)" Maybe a lot of people are familiar with . Early 1990s, Genta has established its own independent brand , after 15 years of effort , watches has become iwc replica watches online an international super- class personal watch brand . In 2004, the statue was to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the brand , launched Octo Line series of complicated watches , still using its unique " double oval " shell design , produced a tourbillon , perpetual calendar tourbillon and 8 days power reserve and other super- different styles of luxury watches , are made of precious metals such as gold, platinum , rose gold and tantalum metals such as manufacturing, reflects a noble rolex replica watches vulgarity and superior taste. and help us serve you better.